ExplorAsia 2010 - 2012

Dreaming of Asia – ExplorAsia 2010-2012

One day I dreamt of Asia.

I dreamt of its planes that end where the eyes can no longer discern the line between earth and sky. August 14th 2008 the layout of my future journey appeared very clearly to me; a beautiful line that links north and south. From that day forward my journey has become so obvious to me and has been named “ExplorAsia 2010-2013”.
Alone with the elements; my only companion will be the rhythm of my own footsteps. The strength of my legs and the quickness of my feet will carry me through this incredible epic. I have always found a second wind at the end of my personal limits. And so once again, I will set out alone on foot to reunite with a little tree I met a few years back. It grows at this specific location:

GPS : S32°23.002 E124°36.972

It’s where the running wind never stops; where the earth meets the ocean… in Southern Australia.

More than a journey it’s a philosophy of movement...

Specification sheet : ExplorAsia

• Departure: June 20th 2010 from Southern Siberia
• Arrival: planned for May 17th 2013 in Australia


How will Sarah nourish herself?

For the first part she will be able to do some fishing. She will use surface poppers (a technique learned during her childhood). She is going to have to find the right balance with nature. This explorer has been vegetarian since she was a little girl. She only hunts out of respect and to encounter harmony with Mother Nature. And so she will use a blowpipe and a slingshot to hunt and nourish herself. She has more than one trick up her sleeve… from seed patties on a bed of embers to grilled lizards; her instincts will again surprise us more than ever… she will tell us
about her thrilling life close to the earth.

How will Sarah find water in these desert zones?

Usually Sarah is able to sense water. She perceives it… but when the water doesn’t speak to her she uses an American Army technique: condensation.
- Wrap a bush up in a plastic bag and let it sweat for the day
- Make a hole in the ground and put a tarp over it. Wait until the next day to collect the drops of earth sweat.
But everything is so subtle in those desert zones, says the explorer, you have to manage your
body’s water content.

Aren’t you going to sweat more water than what you will collect?

Water hunting is the hardest: you must be mentally ready to not feel water run through your
mouth. Her house on her back She will start her journey wearing a 30Kg backpack. Each gram has been counted and thought out. She will then alternate, depending on the land, between the backpack and a cart that proved itself worthy during her last expedition in the Andes. Sarah is going to hike with 30Kg on her back.

How is Sarah’s expedition useful to science?

Through Dr. Claudio Sartori (altitude research specialist) a wonderful collaboration has been formed between the CSEM in Neuchâtel, the clinic “La Source” in Lausanne and the CHUV. A cardiac monitoring system called Spo2 will inform the scientists on Sarah’s state of health with only 10min of monitoring a day.

Eco-Energy, communication, press, web

Sarah will be able to communicate using a satellite-phone and a solar panel powered mini notebook. Communication when she desires at the rhythm she desires… that is, keeping in mind the solar panel’s capacity to recharge. This is how she will be able to send us texts, images and mini videos of her incredible immersion in hostile lands.

Sarah & her team

All of this organisation wouldn’t be possible without the precious presence of the ExplorAsia

Expedition manager: Gregory Barbezat
The Australian: Joe (Sarah’s dingo)



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